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Commended by the Battalion Commander for his Leaderbook;
now used as an example for others to follow

Received I Corps CSM coin for excellence

Outstanding Battle Staff skills; key to success of platoon and
company operations

Chosen as Observer Controller to assist a FSB which resulted
in a successful JRTC rotation

US Soldiers In action around the world in action!

Task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the
fullest while staying focused to make sound and thoughtful
Eagerly accomplished all assigned tasks

Proficient in all technical areas

Has outstanding organizational skills; maximizes limited
resources to create excellent results

Always strives for self improvement

Achieved Senior Instructor level at the USAOC&S
ahead of peers

Earned commendable ratings on all HAZMAT and Safety

Displayed high training skills and technical knowledge

Makes sound decisions; takes responsibility for his actions

Received 90 percent rating on his Instructor Evaluations

Self-motivated committed to excellence

Selected to perform duties as Platoon Sergeant; obtained
excellent results

Exceeded course standards with academic average of 98%
at Battle Staff NCO School

Extremely competent; performs all assigned duties above

Maximized the use of automation; developed procedures
adapted by the entire unit for admin, training, and

Earned a rating of exceeds the standard on three additional
duty areas during command inspections

Received excellent rating on NBC during Brigade
Command inspection

Self-starter; displays a high degree of initiative

Selected as Distinguished Honor Graduate for BNCOC

Selected as Platoon Sergeant; a Sergeant First Class position

Extremely competent; performed all duties above expected
standards and expectations

Received commendable ratings during all Brigade Command

Commended by the Battalion Commander for his flawless
execution of Physical Training

Always in focus and is superbly well organized; never without

Recognized by BDE CSM for excellence as NCOIC during
post Change of Command ceremonies

Continuously sought out by peers and superiors throughout
the Battalion for operational guidance

Recognized by Battalion Commander as the most efficient
Operations Sergeant for out processing and graduating
a PLDC class

Flawlessly handled finance and personnel actions for 250
soldiers with zero late transactions

Displays tactical and technical knowledge well beyond his
skill level

Completes all tasks timely and beyond expectations

Incorporates a variety of techniques that expedites the
completion of all assignments

Recognized by Post CSM for excellence as a member of
post color guard during Veterans Day ceremonies

Processed over 45 elimination packets with a zero errors

Completed over 700 jobs as section NCOIC

Unique and comprehensive computer skills

His position held by officers in other battalions

Unafraid of making decisions despite personal risk

Outstanding ability to plan and direct operations and activities
of any scope or size

Demonstrates outstanding aptitude for operational and
administrative work

Organized the set up and execution of an extremely successful
Organizational Day

Commended by Battalion Commander for his platoon's
flawless execution of STX lane training

Recognized by Post Commander for professionalism of his
soldiers Squad Live Fire exercise

Recognized by Brigade Commander for excellence as
NCOIC of special fitness program

Drill Sergeant of the Quarter

Completed 30 college credit hours

Her consistent performance has been invaluable to daily
operations of the company

Two time Brigade NCO of the Quarter

Knowledgeable NCO who demonstrated the ability to manage
numerous tasks simultaneously

Technically and tactically proficient

Constantly seeks self-improvement; always willing to
grow, learn, and improve

Supervised the processing of 1,000 military police reports
with zero errors

Knowledge, skills and abilities equal to or greater than
peers and superiors

Handled extremely stressful, potentially dangerous situations
during Operation Just Cause with ease

Her knowledge of Squad Leader duties/skills is sought by
subordinates and peers alike

Consistently enrolled in MOS, military and civilian courses

Always prepared to take on any task given

Excels in the absence of orders and guidance

Outstanding knowledgeable and resourceful NCO

Sought self-improvement through correspondence courses

Achieved superior results when confronted with major
responsibilities and limited resources

Accomplished all tasks assigned with total accuracy

Consistently enrolled in Army Correspondence Courses

Selected above peers for difficult missions

Displayed the highest levels of professional competence in
execution of his duties

Demonstrated sound mature judgment

Selected over peers to perform in SSG position

Spent many hours of self-study to better enhance job skills

Highly skilled in all tasks required of a Senior Instructor

Always displayed high level of initiative

Technically competent NCO; best I've known in my 15 years
of service

Directly responsible for the units extremely successful
deployment to NTC

Developed training management system which led unit to
excellence rating during CI

Continually demonstrates competence and knowledge
of a 1SG

Set the standard within the Brigade for Range certification

Outstanding judgment; always gives sound advice and

Committed to excellence; anything less is unacceptable

His organizational skills and attention to detail enhance
overall unit effectiveness

Inherited a sub-standard Maintenance Control program; made
improvements that exceeded Brigade standards

Qualified expert with the M16A2 and SAW

Extremely competent and dedicated NCO

Very resourceful and innovative NCO

Consistently displayed sound mature judgment

First unit NCO to earn I Corps Distinguished Leader by
demonstrating outstanding leadership skills

Selected ahead of peers to attend PLDC

Competence and ability unequaled; stands out among his

Possesses the ability to make sound decisions with precision
and accuracy

Accepted all obstacles as challenges; accepts nothing less
than total success

Received ARCOM for development of unit MOS library
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