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Throughout the web site, you will find many helpful ideas about how to prepare and write NCOERs. We have gathered the links and put them on one web page. The content comes from a variety of sources: some I've written myself, some has been written by NCOs, and some has been contributed by users just like you.

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NEW! DA Form 2166-8  NCO Evaluation Report (MS Word) This doc was designed by MSG Karla O'Conner, AZ ARNG STARC SIDPERS section. Thanks!!
DA Form 2166-8  NCO Evaluation Report (Form Flow)
DA Form 2166-8-1 NCO Counseling Checklist/Record (Form Flow)
NEW! Download  Form Flow version 2.15 for free
NCOER Briefing for CSMs download the power point presentation of the NCOER briefing for CSMs 
NCO-ER Updates  Updated Quarterly
NCO-ER Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System
NCOER FAQ NCO-ER frequently asked questions
Chat Board  The NCOER Resource Page NCOER support board

NCOER Writing guide United States Army Elements, ACE NCO-ER preparation Guide

Current NCO-ER Updates U.S. Army Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center.
Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center Throughout the web site, you will find many helpful ideas about how to prepare  for those boards, how to keep your OMPF updated, and what other activities EREC performs that may have an impact on you. 

Mentoring a valuable tool for NCO leaders  Mentor's Checklist a valuable tool for NCO leaders

Download NCOER Blaster v1.0 NCOER Blaster v1.0 is offered as freeware Copy it and give it away freely
AR 623-205 (HTML format) Unclassified AR 623-205 Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation  Reporting System online.
AR 623-205,(PFD format) The new Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System

OMPF Online  Access to your Official Military Personnel File

NEW! ArmyPPT.com  ArmyPPT.com is a collection of U.S. Army oriented PowerPoint Presentations. NCOER / OER / Counseling

NCOER Appeals: Myths/ Facts dispels myths  by presenting some of the facts and to provide information that may be helpful in presenting an appeal.

NCOER-Guide The Complete Guide to the Ncoer : How to receive and write an excellent report  
NEW! ASVAB.US is the place to learn how to raise your score on the ASVAB.  is the militaries entrance exam. Safe, Secure and Private  
NEW! Practice ASVAB Test (download) Outstanding program! I have got it for my soldiers to help prepare them for reenlistment. Soldiers can take the test in their spare time as many times as they like! Instant results with out FAST!  
NEW! Army Knowledge Online An AKO account provides a secure email account, home page (customizable), Instant message (IM), online chat and 50 MB of space to upload documents and other files which can be shared with other members.  

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